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Top 5 Creative Solutions for the Ideal 2-Person Shared Home Office Space

Sharing a home office with your spouse?

Home working looks set to become much more common in the future.

There are many rewards. Sure it’s great for the environmnent – less people on the roads. Savings on travel costs – no daily commute. However, you may find yourself sharing a home office space with the other half! Sharing a workspace every day together may not be quite the blissful union you anticipated when you first moved in together! Never fear, here at Saxen, we have some great solutions to help you create two separate working areas to suit your space!

How to Create a Shared Home Office Space for Two…

The following solutions include a range of ideas and solutions to cover a variety of different home office set ups. 

1. Stricto

Stricto Shared Desks are the perfect solution for a couple sharing a dedicated room as a home office. Each will have their own desk space and can choose storage to suit their individual working requirements. 

Stricto are stylish French manufactured shared desks designed to be positioned back-to-back. There are four desk widths to choose from: 1200, 1400, 1600 or 1800 mm and four colour finishes (image above with black desktops). 

In addition to the four different desk sizes, these desks offer an optional extension return to create a larger L-shaped desk for one or both of the desks, if required. This shared desk format has a groove at the back of each desk to feed cables to sockets. If you really want to separate your worktops you can also add a screen between the two! 

Need some storage? Consider adding two Comfort under desk mobile pedestals to coordinate perfectly with your desktops. As these fit comfortably under the desk you won’t require any additional precious floor space. 

This option can work out cheaper than purchasing two individual home office desks. Plus, if working within a budget, you have the option to add the extras at a later date.

2. Satellite

If the depth of shared Stricto desks is just a little too large for your space consider the Satellite desks. Although these desks don’t offer the double set you can opt to purchase two desks and position them back-to-back, or side-by-side.

Whereas the Stricto only offered a depth of 800mm the Apollo rectangular desk offers a narrower 600mm depth with an 800mm width desk. However, the 800mm desk must be stablised with a desk high pedestal creating a longer 1200 width overall. But, there is also a shorter width 1000mm desk at the 800mm depth.

The Satellite desks are UK manufactured and are available in nine finishes, eight of these available to purchase online. Satellite includes coordinating desk pedestals and the Signature storage collection also complements the range.

3. Grange

This collection is manufactured in the UK and designed, particularly with the home office user in mind. The Grange collection offers a wide array of different desks and storage options. It is one of our home office customer favourites with many glowing reviews.

Select two different desks, or two the same, and add storage to suit each individual user. These desks offer over-shelf units too maximising floor space. Available in a variety of finishes. Let your creativity flow.

If you require any help in choosing any pieces from the above or in designing your home office layout, please do not hesitate to give us a call. The team will be happy to help you find the best solution for you and your space.

4. Cohesion

Next up are the fabulously stylish and practical, Cohesion meeting tables. There are two heights to choose from – standard or high.

Yes, okay they are meeting tables and not actual desks but… they are really snazzy. And they can easily seat two, or more people to work. In fact, the smallest boasts to seat 6 but that would be pretty cramped if everyone had laptops and paperwork. A couple working from home could comfortably work off this tabletop.

There are three depths to choose from and four widths. The Cohesion is available in four finishes and a choice of leg frame finish too. 

The practicality of the Cohesion tables is they are available with or without a built-in electrical socket strip in the centre. This includes 3 power outlets and 2 USB charging sockets. Plently space for you both to charge mobile phones and laptops. Why would you not choose the built-in socket strip!

We particularly love the High Cohesion (see image).

5. Hampstead Park

The Hampstead Park collection may be the better option if you are utilising living space. This range offers a choice of five, very different, desk options. There are three “regular” type desks:

  • a compact single pedestal,
  • a double pedestal and,
  • a larger l-shaped desk.

The other two “desks” will blend seamlessly into any living space, without looking like a desk on a weekend! The smallest is a cleverly designed wall mounted unit with a flip-down desktop. Ideal for laptop use or occasional use.

The fifth option is a smartly designed coffee table which converts to a laptop desk (see image to right). This includes hidden storage under the lift-up tabletop. A nice alternative to having a desk in the middle of your living room!

The unique variety of desk styles in the Hampstead range provide the option to choose two different desks for two different people for a range of situations. Perfect! 

The Hampstead Park includes four storage units including filing units and bookcases to blend seamlessly into your living space, should you require a little more storage.

6. … and finally…

If you like the coffee table idea from the Hampstead you may prefer the Market range or the Dover range which both include a coffee table-laptop desk and a larger l-shaped desk option. The Market range has a modern industrial look and the Dover is a lighter oak effect finish with slate effect tabletops. The Dover collection benefits from additional coordinating storage units.

An alternative to the space saving wall mounted unit is in the Avon range (see image above). The Avon has a light oak effect finish with white accents. Coordinate with the Avon double pedestal desk.

Finally, if space is premium folding tables can be stored away on the weekend to leave space for the family to enjoy.

The above are a few solutions, all available from Saxen, to help you create your ideal two-person shared home office space.

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