Hotel Inspiration

Our latest mood board features inspiration for your hotel interior, with sleek designs and comfort in mind, these pieces will give your interior a 5-star rating.

Products used in this board:

The Ribelle Chair’s strong aesthetic identity does not affect the functionality that a chair has to have, in fact, the front angles of the seat are cut to facilitate the end-user to get up, also for stool version. With its different colour finishes available, the Ribelle chair is an object of design suitable for any environment. Inquire about this chair here.

You Chair, part of a dynamic pair that features ‘Me’ chair, goes beyond the concept of a standard chair to become the concrete representation of a new way to sit, comfortable, elegant, but still pointed at the dynamism and action. Inquire about this chair here.

Memoria Sofa features steel, leather, textiles and upholsteries which are combined to communicate a harmonized set of furnishings. There is also the option for a tablet holder and battery charger for mobiles, making this the perfect multi-functional sofa for hotel reception or bedrooms. Inquire about this chair here.

Babel Floor Lamp Babel is an elegant floor lamp featuring a black Honeycomb lampshade and is available in white and black. The tripod base is in white painted metal. It is available with or without dimmer and provides a warm, well-distributed light. Inquire about this chair here.

Natural Sebra Pop Bar Stool uses fresh and captivating style and soft lines making it the ideal chair to sit and relax in. The structure is in natural beechwood, while the shell has the core in anti-shock polycarbonate and it is upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. If you would like to buy any of the products you see here, please contact us.


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