Furniture for wellness in the workplace.

If 2019 is going to be known for anything in commercial interior design it was the year that wellness in the workplace was at the forefront. And for good reason. Long periods spent sitting at desks, slouching at your computer eyes fixated on the screen for hours, doesn’t equate to high mental and physical wellbeing of employees.

If a company can foster wellness and happiness, this can lead to improved productivity, performance, less staff turnover and will help to attract top talent to the workplace.

So, aside from ‘wellness programmes’, how can the commercial interior industry address this? There have been many trends over the last couple of years to emerge that address this issue, most notably the biophilic design trend and spaces for yoga, meditation and the incorporation of fitness into the office.

Furniture manufacturers have sought to provide solutions to the wellness problems by creating furniture that encourages flexible and collaborative spaces. Here we have chosen some of our favourite furniture pieces that are perfect for this and all four options can be operated by one person:

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FourReal Table

The FourReal Table is designed so that the Four Real “space-in-space” partition can clip to the table so you can create small intimate work areas in larger rooms. The clever design allows one person (even with the partition attached) to quickly create a workspace with improved acoustics and a sense of privacy. Ideal for ad-hoc meetings! As well as being mobile, this table can be folded by one person without using tools and is stackable. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, with straight or angled legs and also available for outdoor use. Acoustic panels and wipe boards can also be fitted. This ingenius table is certainly adaptable for many uses.

FourReal A

FourReal® A is an on-trend space saving solution as it offers a multi-purpose table for small or large spaces. By simply adding lighting, shelving or flower boxes you get a spot for dining, collaborating or solo working. Available in standard height or as a high table and with integrated castors for ease of moving around from place to place – so one person can pick it up and move it to another room with ease.


An elegant four-legged flip top table with integrated castors on all four legs which are lockable – can be folded by one person without using tools. Easy to move around and tilt by one person – a highly stable solution for flexible spaces.

FourReal Wood Table

You no longer need to compromise between style and functionality – the FourReal Wood table has folding oak legs and is available in two heights of 74cm or 90cm. Matched with the oak stools from the same range, it makes a striking statement and who would have guessed that this Scandinavian inspired design was also flexible!

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