Fed Up Being Overlooked at Work?

Divider Desk Screens

Office Screens

Many companies today prefer to use an open plan office. It can be distracting when colleagues at the next desk are on the telephone. By use of floor standing and/or desk mounted office screens individual cubicle space can be provided for each employee. For those in need of “wall space” some office dividers are pin-able. Being available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours the screens can be used as part of the office design adding colour and flow between departments or units.

Desk Mounted Screens

Supplied with desk mounting brackets. Screens can be linking or non-linking. Design choices are varied but typically include straight top, curved or waved top.

Width sizes start from 800mm to over 2000mm depending on requirements.  Height range starts from 380mm.

Colour choices are vast. Most ranges offer additional fabric and colour choices. Some have designs, even floral fabrics !

Floor Standing Screens

Like the desk mounted screens, the floor standing dividers are also available in a range of colour and design choices.  Screen heights range from 1000mm to 1800mm with widths from 800mm to 1800mm. Pinboard treatment and linking is offered for floor standing screens too.

If you require further information or advice in choosing office screens please do not hesitate to contact the Saxen Team.

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