Back to School, College or University: Education Furniture

Back to School, College or University

That time of year again. Shops are full of folders, papers, pencils and pens. Stationery in a wide variety of colours and a range of elaborate designs!

Parents are rushing around purchasing school uniforms and shoes, school bags and pencil cases.

College and university students are tearing around searching for second-hand book stores to purchase their required reading. They are also seeking part-time jobs to finance their ‘all important’ social life!

Schools, colleges and universities have to take stock of teaching equipment including education furniture.

Education Furniture

The computer has become an important requirement in the education system. University and college libraries now link students to the internet. Books remain a research source but the internet is now a research necessity. Students researching and typing up assignments require laptops or desktop computers and, of course, computer chairs.

The cost effective seating solution are polypropylene swivel chairs. These are generally stronger and more durable and some offer a gas lift height adjustment.

If no requirement for castors, there are a range of multipurpose chairs.

Some  computer chairs are available with an optional writing tablet. Useful where desk or worktop space is limited. Ideal in a conference room setting.

Once again, materials include polypropylene or fabrics. Polypropylene is harder wearing and easier to clean than fabric. Fabric is more comfortable.

Training chairs are available with writing tablets. In some training rooms or classrooms space is premium. Desktop space being luxury. Some rooms may be multiple use: gym hall and examination room. Stacking chairs are the obvious solution.

For further information on education furniture including school swivel chairs, polypropylene classroom chairs, multipurpose chairs or training chairs with writing tablets, please contact a member of the team for help and advice.

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