Antoni Gaudi Furniture Design

Antoni Gaudi Architect Furniture

Antoni Gaudi, Architect

Earlier in the week the Google Doodle paid tribute to the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was born on the 25th June 1852 in Reus (near Barcelona) in Spain. His most famous, as yet unfinished, work is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Gaudi is probably most well known for this architectural structure and it is a hugely popular tourist attraction for anyone visiting Barcelona as the lengthy queues to gain entry will tell…

Gaudi started work on La Sagrada Familia in 1883 and the project occupied the remainder of his life. Work continues to-date on the structure, and continues to follow Gaudi’s designs and plans.

On a visit to La Sagrada Familia it is possible to visit his workshop with photographs and models of the construction. Gaudi lived here the latter years of his life and dedicated his time, almost exclusively, to the project.

Antoni Gaudi Furniture Design

However, Antoni Gaudi didn’t only design buildings. His early works included lampposts and newsstands and in 1906, he designed a bridge over the Torrent de Pomeret. Gaudi also designed objects housed within his architectural buildings and many items of furniture.

A chair (cadira) was designed between 1900-1901 by Gaudi, as one of a collection, for use around a table. It is oak with a beautiful inlaid design on the back.

Chair designed by Antoni Gaudi

This chair collection was for the Casa Calvet building on Career de Casp in Barcelona. The building was designed by Gaudi between 1898-1900 as a commercial property for a textile manufacturer. Casa Calvet has many interesting features including columns resembling bobbins.

Sadly, Gaudi died at age 73 after an accident. He was out walking and was hospitalised after being hit by a passing tram in Barcelona on 7th June 1926. Gaudi lost consciousness and died on the 10th. His funeral followed two days later on the 12th June. His work lives on in his many designs.

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