7 zoning solutions for the open plan office

7 zoning solutions for the open plan office

The open plan office and its benefits to the workplace and employees has been up for much debate over the past few years. Regardless if you are for or against, open plan offices are here to stay as they provide a cheap and flexible space saving solution for companies – but that doesn’t mean they need to be drab!

There has been an uptake recently in zoning for open spaces, using products to create flexible spaces within the open plan offices. The best way to do this is to use space-dividing storage like bookcases for instance which effectively maximises the use of space in the office. Other options are acoustic partitions that can easily be moved to create intimate meeting areas.

We have recently worked with a few clients on some projects where we have used some amazing pieces to provide some private spaces in open areas.

Here are some of what we used below, if you would like to know more about these please contact us:

Palisades Grid Storage

We are a big fan of the Palisades Grid storage (by Spacestor) ranges for their sleek look and practicality. The Palisades Grid is a customisable and modular zone divider that gives flexibility to today’s more transitory workforce. Modular and movable zone dividers like Palisades, available in either wood or a metal grid style, allow for the simple and attractive division of space into zones and neighbourhoods for specific working styles, without building walls.

Here are a couple of more variations of the Palisades Grid:

Palisades Wood

Palisades II

Grid Storage

The adaptive, modular design of the Grid means that it can be configured – and then reconfigured again quickly and easily to suit the ever-changing needs of the office space. The basic building-blocks of the Grid can be connected to create a framework entirely of your design, which can then be customised with accessories to enhance its functionality.

Balma Stepps

The Balma STEPPS system makes it possible to create communication routes and to establish visibly distinctive zones of work, relaxation and fun. The constructed modules allow you to build shelving units as a wall, a corner set-up or free-standing unit accessible from both sides.

To enquire about zoning furniture or any of the above, please contact us


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