Twenty five years ago, in 1990, Britain and France were first linked by a tunnel under the English Channel. The tunnel took more than five years to complete and is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

On 1st December, construction workers, Englishman Graham Fagg and Frenchman Phillippe Cozette, broke through the service tunnel by drilling through a wall of rock to join the two halves and link the two countries. Many saw the two men shake hands through the hole on television news.

Construction began in February 1988. However, the idea was first mentioned by a French mining engineer in 1802! His proposal was for horse drawn coaches with an island for changing horses in the middle.

The tunnel has an average depth of 50m with the deepest point at 75m. It is over 30 miles (50 kms).

The official opening of the tunnel was in May 1994.

Another British and French link… Buronomic

Buronomic are a team of quality French furniture manufacturers.

The company Buronomic was founded in 1981. Buronomic commercial furniture collections are becoming  increasing popular in the UK market.

The following review of Buronomic furniture is from a happy Saxen customer.

Outstanding Services & Advice

This is the second time we have asked Saxen Ltd for help with our offices and we must say they have in both occasions been terrific.

We wanted something bright and modern for our Ayrshire office however didn’t have much room Alison from Saxen reviewed our sizes and came up with a new French furniture that would not only maximized our area gave us the modern twist that we needed.

Keep up the good work Saxen and again thank you for your help.

Gordon Steele

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