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10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

The need for a home office computer has increased. However, the average UK home size has shrunk! This fact is regularly reported in the media.

Indeed, in April, the Metro reported Britain has the smallest homes in Europe! The Royal Institute of British Architects advised the average size of a new one-bedroom apartment is a mere 46 square metres. It can be difficult to find a small home office desk for such a compact home!

Many home office desks have an average depth of 60cm (600mm) or 23.6″. This may well be too deep for some small spaces.

Please note: This post was originally written in September 2013 and is regularly updated to remove any discontinued products and adapt to new trends.

10 Slim Desks (under 600mm deep)

1. Marymount Narrow White Desk

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

One of the deepest of the 10 narrow desks for small spaces. Still under 600mm. Marymount is a single pedestal white home office desk. This computer workstation is ideal for the compact home office or study. It is an extremely cost effective option if you have a small budget.

Desktop is 1100mm x 550mm. One of the larger desktops of the 10 narrow desks. The desk benefits from a pull-out keyboard shelf. The single pedestal is situated on the left side and contains an open storage and 4 drawers. Simple style for the budget conscious.

2. Grange Home Office Computer Workstation

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces
Grange Home Office Workstation with Slide-Out Keyboard and Over-Shelf

This computer workstation (above shown with over shelf) is from a range of home office furniture. It is UK manufactured to a very high standard. This collection is specifically made for the home office market. There are 6 colour finishes to choose from including white, oak, black, grey and sandstone.

The desktop is 850mm (33.5″) x 540mm (21.3″). A little narrower and 250mm shorter than the previous desk. This desk features a slide-out keyboard shelf, adjustable slide-out printer and scanner shelves and space for CPU. There are a variety of coordinating units available if you have more space. The versatility of this collection allows you to work within a current budget which you can add additional storage units to later, if you need or choose.

3. Grange Home Office Desk

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

From the same office furniture collection as the previous computer workstation. This unit is available in the same range of finishes. This desktop is 600mm (23.7″) wide and the same depth as the previous desk (540mm).

All units in this collection have a 40mm overhang to the back to ensure clearance of skirting boards and sockets. The furniture collection includes additional freestanding modular units which could be added where space permits. Shelving units to fit above the desktop are also offered (as shown above). Excellent storage alternative where there is limited floor space.

The Grange is our best selling home office furniture collection. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our customer reviews! The perfect choice for the permanent work-at-home person!

4. Wall Hanging Desks

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

These are just that little bit different. Rather than using floor space these units are fixed to a wall. They have a simple drop-down front door which becomes a desktop. You can position this on the wall to suit your own height, standing or sitting.

The smallest in White, with an Oak accent door front, has a width of 630mm and a closed depth of 127mm. You can see this on the featured image at the top of the post. Opened out this creates a worktop of 385mm with a total depth of 485mm. There is a slightly larger, and darker, Walnut finish (as shown here) with a width of 714mm and closed depth of 160mm. Ideal choice where floor space is premium.

5. Owen Retro Desk

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

This desk is from the Ameriwood Home Office range. It’s available in different finishes. The black hairpin metal style legs give this a retro look. This desk has a depth of 19.5″ so just under 500mm. It is 40″ in length so a slightly shorter width than the Marymount at the top.

If a retro design is your thing then this collection includes coordinating coffee tables and TV cabinets. Call for details and further images from this collection.

The simple style could easily double up as a vanity or console table when not in use as a desk. An ideal choice if you need to work from home for a short period or on rare occasions.

6. Industrial Style Bench Desks

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

Past the half way point of the 10 narrow desks for small spaces are the modern Industrial Style bench desks. There are a variety of home office desks within the Industrial Style collection. A popular current style. To see some of the units in this range have a look at our video for this collection here.

The smallest, and narrowest desk in this range is the simple bench desk (as shown). This has open shelves and is offered in three finishes – light charter oak (as shown), darker smoked oak or a sindoori mango finish. This bench desk is 1054mm wide with a depth of 470mm

There is a slightly larger chunky bench desk with a width of 482mm and another desk with over shelf, at 512mm. This range includes coordinating two or four shelf bookcases, if space permits. If you like this style give us a call for further details.

7. Satellite Workhorse Home Office Desk

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces
Satellite Crescent Shaped Home Office Desk

The rectangular desk in this collection comes in at exactly 600mm depth. The deepest desk on our list today. However, this is a home office desk manufactured by a leading UK commercial office furniture provider. This desk is actually part of a furniture collection with a range of coordinating storage, if you have space and need. The company designed this narrower, and smaller, desk with the home office user in mind.

You can choose a panel end or cantilever frame (cantilever frame shown) for your desktop. The cantilever frame is available in three metal finishes. The desktop is available in a staggering 9 finish options.

The rectangular desk itself is 800 width. However, for support it is necessary to fix it to either another desk or to a desk high pedestal. With the desk high pedestal this gives an overall worktop of 1200mm. This will take up more floor space but with the advantage of additional drawer storage and a longer worktop.

The image above actually shows the crescent shaped desk from the same collection. This is available for left or right side. Ideal for a corner or, as standalone. Although larger than the rectangular version, this desk can fit either a fixed or mobile pedestal underneath (as seen in the image).

There is choice of drawer storage. The 3-drawer desk option has a file drawer at the bottom or there is a 4-drawer option. If a permanent home office is what you need, this range is worth considering. Call to request details for the Satellite Workhorse home office collection.

8. Trestle Style Home Office Desks

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

Simple trestle style home office desks are very popular at the moment. Saxen have a wide variety they can procure to suit your budget.

The Baylor is available in a light oak finish with a larger length of 1400mm and a depth of just under the 600, at 580mm. The Baylor (shown) features two open shelves and stylish angled legs.

The Towson is slightly smaller at 1200mm x 550mm. This has no shelves and is available in white or a light oak finish. Call for more details if you like the trestle style.

9. Compact Crystal Home Office Workstation

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

The Crystal is a stylish and compact glass desk with tempered glass desktop and printer shelf. Compact and budget conscious! The least expensive of our 10 narrow desks for small spaces.

This computer desk has 760mm width and 540mm depth. The castors at the back of this unit allow you to gently wheel it out of the way when not required.

10. Maestro 25 Home Office Collection

10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

Like the Satellite above, Maestro stems from a commercial office furniture collection. This range has also had some additions to suit the home office user. The smallest rectangular desk is 600mm depth and 1000mm width. The cantilever frame is available in black, silver (shown) or white. The desktops are offered in 5 finishes (including white as shown).

The desk shown above with the fixed drawer pedestal is still 600mm deep but a slightly longer 1200mm width to allow under desk leg room.

There is a slightly more expensive Maestro range including cable management which might be worth considering for a more permanent home office. Call to request further details.

This post includes only a small selection of the narrower depth desks Saxen offers. If you would like help in finding compact and/or narrow desks for small spaces for your home, please do not hesitate to call 01560 324442 to ask a member of the Team for advice.

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