The Home Office Location Conundrum!

Home Office Location Conundrum!

You know you need a home office so next decision is where? In a smaller home you may not have a lot of choice when choosing the home office location.

A dedicated room in the house for your home office may be a luxury but that doesn’t mean you can’t locate your home office within an existing room.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Home Office Location throughout the Home

Home office in a guest bedroom

home office location

This White Single Pedestal Desk could double-up as a Guest Bedroom Dressing Table!

Thinking of using a guest bedroom in the house?

Consider how often you need to use the office versus how often you’ll need to use the bedroom! If the office is for occasional use then using a guest bedroom shouldn’t cause any hardship.

White furniture fits into most environments but can work particularly well in a bedroom.

A white single pedestal desk could easily double up as a dressing table when mum drops by for a weekend. This can be an ideal solution for a home office with occasional use. It may not work so well if you often have guests.

Home office in your own bedroom

narrow desks for small spacesImmediate advantage here is you will have access whenever you need it coupled with peace and tranquility to work!

First drawback being your work is permanently in your sleeping space. A permanent reminder of what you have yet to finish.

If you would prefer your office to go out-of-site temporarily then a hidden office or hideaway computer office furniture is a perfect solution!

Second drawback is if anyone else needs to use the desk or computer. Imagine your neighbour drops by and asks you to print something for them. They have a problem with their own printer. You stroll off to your bedroom and they follow and hey ho you forgot to lift your dirty underwear!

Positioning in a bedroom you regularly use is also important. If you plan to position your home office desk near a bed you may wish to consider narrower desks. The depth of a desk can vary dependent on design. A wider desk may encroach on the room space or walkway round a bed for instance. You also need to consider the office chair you choose. In such cases it is often better to choose an office chair without arms.

Home office in the living room or lounge

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Small Compact White Home Office Desks and Workstations

Small Compact White Home Office Desks and Workstations

Small compact white home office desks and workstations are a popular customer choice. Ideal for smaller areas in the home. Light colours help make the space look larger.

Top 10 – Small Compact White Home Office Desks and Workstations

1) Maja Madrid White Mobile Computer Cart and Pedestal

Small compact white home office desks and workstationsFirst up the smallest with a width of 800 and depth of 500 is the Madrid.

This is a mobile desk on castors (i.e. wheels) so very easy to move out of the way if required. Featuring a pull-out keyboard shelf and height adjustable storage shelf. There is a taller side shelf for a CPU tower if required.

There is an optional additional storage pedestal with this desk if you have space. If not simply exclude it from the drop-down menu.

The most economical of the small compact white home office desks and workstations. The Madrid is priced at £79.99 inclusive of VAT and delivery if you exclude the pedestal.

2) Maja Putney Glass Mobile Laptop Computer Desk 1650

Small Compact White Home Office Desks and WorkstationsOnly slightly larger with a width of 800 and depth of 510, the Putney is next.

Another mobile unit in this collection of small compact white home office desks and workstations. The front castors can be locked into position when required.

The putney has a stylishly bright white powder coated metal frame and a clear glass desktop. There is a pull-out keyboard shelf and a height adjustable pull-out printer shelf.

Priced including VAT and delivery comes in just under £150.

3) Grange Home Office Hideaway Computer Desk

small compact white home office desks and workstationsThis is a neat hidden office all contained within a cabinet. It has a width of 850 and a depth of 540mm.

The Grange furniture is UK manufactured and available in a choice of six colour finishes (one of which is white). Choose from four different door handles.

The hideaway desk is mobile like the previous two desks. Castors are lockable if required. The beauty with this cabinet is the doors. You can simply close down your office when not in use. The cabinet has a 40mm overhang to the rear to ensure clearance of skirting boards and sockets. It contains a slide out keyboard shelf, adjustable slide out printer and scanner shelves and additional space for a CPU.

Although this is the most expensive on the list, it is just over £300 inclusive of VAT and delivery. It is a fabulous price for a quality made to order product.

4) Marymount White Home Office Computer Workstation

small compact white home office desks and workstationsThis single pedestal desk has a width of 1100mm and depth of 550mm. Just under a foot longer desktop than the previous two.

Ideal if you would like a desk with drawers. The left hand pedestal contains an open storage shelf at the top and four shallow stationery or storage drawers. Featuring a sliding keyboard shelf.

A great economical price for a single pedestal desk. The second cheapest in the list of small compact white home office desks and workstations!

5) Maja Club Oak and High Gloss White Computer Desk

Small compact white home office desks and workstationsAt 50mm deeper than the previous desk the Club also has a width of 1100mm with a depth of 600mm.

Another single pedestal desk with a bit of colour! It is shown here with oak and high gloss white front. Also available in white with a petrol blue front.

The pedestal is on the right in this model. It contains one shallow stationery drawer. The storage space under has a height adjustable shelf. This looks like a further two drawers but is actually a cupboard. Doors and drawers are all finished in high gloss white and are push-to-open. There is additional storage in the long narrow shelf directly under the desk top too.

Although one of the more expensive desks on the list it is a stylish little desk and still under £200 inclusive of VAT and delivery. The choice of either oak and white or white and petrol blue is perfect if you would rather not have a completely white desk.

6) Marywood White Home Office Desk

small compact white home office desks and workstationsMarywood is narrower than the previous desk and slightly longer. This single pedestal has a width of 1190 and depth of 570mm.

Simpler style than the previous model. The pedestal is on the right with a stationery drawer and a cupboard.

Great little desk with a compact price at just under the £150 price bracket. Four of the desks on the list have the same price tag and are equal third in most economical.

7) Maja Vegas High Gloss White Laptop Computer Desk

small compact white home office desks and workstationsThe contemporary, minimalist design Maja Vegas is ideal if you need a narrow depth desk with a slightly longer desktop. Suited perhaps for a hallway or under stairs. The depth, like the first desk, is 500mm. The width is 1150.

The right pedestal has a storage cupboard containing one height adjustable shelf with a handy storage drawer above. The right pedestal has narrow open shelves.

8) Cabrini White Home Office Computer Desk

small compact white home office desks and workstationsThe second largest, the Cabrini. The width is 1200mm and the depth is 600mm. If you have the space this provides a larger desktop workspace.

The pedestal contains a stationery drawer and a drop down filing drawer. It is has a Stylish grey coloured frame.

This desk has a coordinating bookcase should you have the additional space and require more storage.

Price as the second desk, the mobile Putney, and the Marywood and Vegas desks immediately above.

9) Maja Chelsea Icy White Laptop Computer Desk

small compact home office computer desks and workstationsSlightly larger than the desk above with a width of 1200 and depth of 640mm, the contemporary Chelsea desk.

Featuring two push-to-open storage drawers mounted on metal runners with a central open storage compartment. The desktop has a central cable port.

Shown here in icy white although it is also offered in an oak finish with gloss white drawer fronts.

Although one of the more expensive and largest on the list it is very popular due to the contemporary, minimalist design.

10) Maja Mini Office 4005 Multi Compact White Workstation

small compact home office computer desks and workstationsAnd so to the tallest of the small compact white home office desks and workstations. This unit has a height of 1200. However, it is very compact. The width is 800mm and the depth 480mm. When closed it is the narrowest on the list.

This Mini Office 4005 computer hideaway has a flip down desktop with strong metal hinge. Ideal for laptop or tablet use.

Below the desktop, there are two storage areas. On the right side, three drawers and on the left, a useful cupboard with a height adjustable shelf.