Colourful Storage Cupboards with Images on Doors

Colourful Storage Cupboards with Images on Doors

Colourful Storage Cupboards with Images on DoorsSaxen are really excited to be adding some great new products to the online store. A new range of personalised affordable tambour cabinets! A variety of colourful storage cupboards with images.

Personalised as you choose the colours for the

  • body
  • top
  • tambours (doors)
  • trims
  • handles
  • edges
  • back

Colourful Storage Cupboards with Images on DoorsYou decide.

The possibilities to customise your own cupboard are endless. You can choose from many many designs or upload your own image.

In the image above there are three one metre tambour cupboards along the wall at the rear. Two with striped doors and the middle with green doors. The top, body and back for each has been kept in white with green handles. A bright and fresh look.

If the 70’s are your thing you might select an image from the 70’s theme similar to the one shown on the two metre tambour here.

Colourful Storage Cupboards with Images on DoorsTambours are great storage cupboards with sliding doors they fit easily into any space. They can be left open with no safety hazard, no open door to walk into.

There are two sizes available with the customisation option, choose from either one or two metre.

They also make great storage for a child’s bedroom to store away toys. You can choose from the Children theme or upload an image of their own favourite character or colours of their favourite football team.

Really there are so many categories to detail here. Some have already been added to Pinterest.  Pop over for a look and some inspiration.

If you would like some further information on these units or wish help to design your own colourful storage cupboards with images please give the team a call. They will be happy to help and advise.


Fed up with that unsightly CPU under your desk ?

Fed up with that unsightly CPU under your desk ?

unsightly CPU under your deskThe computer tower unit (CPU) is not the most attractive desk essential.

Particularly where an office desk is in an open area such as a reception it can look quite unsightly.

However, there are ways to beautify this humble tower!

Some office furniture manufacturers actually design CPU storage cabinets to not only hideaway these towers but also to help protect them.

The following are some examples of CPU storage cabinets.

unsightly CPU under your deskThis first example is offered in three colour finishes – cherry, walnut (as shown) or a darker expresso oak.

A high quality unit and a little more expensive than some others. This style benefits from locking wheels with a removeable ventilated back panel to provide easy access for connections.

On this particular model the door can be reversed to open from the right or the left, dependent on your desk configuration.

unsightly CPU under your deskThe second example is a more simple and cost effective design. It is slightly narrower than the previous example with a width of just under 30 cm.

It is finished in an oak veneer with a T-bar handle on the door.

The final standalone example is from a UK manufactured range which is available in a variety of six different colour finishes. It is the most versatile of all the examples shown.

unsightly CPU under your deskThe basic open unit (as shown) is the least expensive of all the models listed. However, there is an option to add a door if preferred albeit at additional cost.

Should you choose to add the door there is a choice of handles from brass, nickel, T-bar or a selection of wood finishes. You can also choose to have the door hinges on the left or right and if preferred a lock can be added.

Other optional extras with this storage cabinet include a cable port or lockable castors. Being the tallest of the selection you can also choose to have a shelf!

unsightly CPU under your deskFinally if you are looking for a new desk at the same time you could always consider a workstation with an inbuilt CPU storage area.

The example shown has a CPU storage area on the right with a black glass door.

You do not need to put up with that unsightly CPU under your desk. Give it a makeover!