Plastic Office Chairs | Stacking or Swivel Designs

Plastic Office Chairs

Stacking or Swivel Designs

plastic office chairsPlastic office chairs are often preferable because of their simplicity to keep clean. Available in wide ranging colours they can be used to brighten up any workspace.

There are a variety of different styles and designs depending on your requirements. Ideal for workspaces where spills are likely or factory environments with food stuffs, oil or grease.

The following are a selection of stacking chairs and some with a swivel option too for comparison. Some examples of the designs, colours and styles can be seen in the image.

Stacking Plastic Office Chairs

The Club stacking chair is a customer favourite. It is stackable up to eight high. Multi purpose chair suitable for public and private sector environments. A popular choice for canteens and cafes or for reception and meeting areas. There are three colour choices, green as shown or black or blue.

The stylish, minimalistic, Italian designed Strata chair is recommended for either indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for use in a cafe bistro with summer outdoor space and easily stackable in a cupboard over winter when not required. Available in anthracite, red, white or green the Strata can also be stacked eight high.

Swivel Plastic Office Chairs

The Ikon is offered in a number of designs. Firstly you can choose a four-legged, cantilever or swivel base. Next you can opt for arms or without arms. Finally you can choose plastic seat and back, upholstered seat and back or a combination with upholstered seat and plastic back. The Ikon chair is UK manufactured to order and offered in six colour choices. You can also opt to have a different back colour to the seat for something a little different. The image above shows the Ikon in white plastic with swivel base without arms.

Ending with the Factory operator chair. This swivel chair is suitable for use in a factory, laboratory or design studio where a washable polyurethane swivel chair is required. It is tough wearing and comes with a 5 year guarantee. If you would prefer a swivel chair without wheels this model offers optional glides as an alternative.


Stylish Plastic Office Seating | Ikon Collection

Stylish Plastic Office Seating

Ikon Collection

The stylish Ikon collection of office seating offers a multipurpose range of designs for the workplace. The Ikon will work equally well in a cafe bistro setting or a staff canteen, a reception area or a meeting room, a conference setting or as a desk chair.

With a number of different bases the Ikon can easily be adapted to individual areas within the workplace. For example,

  • the four-legged style in plastic would be ideal for a staff canteen. Easy to wipe clean. Easily stored.
  • The cantilever design is a stylish addition to a staff meeting area or a reception. If you prefer a little more comfort opt for an upholstered seat or upholstered seat and back instead of full plastic.
  • Finally the swivel option is ideal for desk work or other workplace environments where a swivel option is preferable. Again this can be chosen in full plastic for areas with potential spills or with the upholstered options.

The four legged style is stackable as can be seen in the image below. Simple to stack and store away when not required. There are six colour choices and you can opt for a colour combination too. See images below with black and white or red and white. Finally each design is available with or without arms.

stylish plastic office seating

The Ikon seating collection is UK manufactured to order.

A task chair or stacking chair in six colour choices – versatile and stylish plastic office seating.