Saxen Ltd and The Business Herald

Saxen Ltd and The Business Herald

Saxen regularly feature in The Business Herald. This double page was posted in the Business Herald almost one year ago.

Saxen Ltd and The Business Herald

Visit our inspirational showroom

Saxen is more than just a furniture shop. With an extensive collection of commercial furniture, home office desks and ergonomic accessories and a service that is second-to-none.

In 2007, Saxen began life from the spare bedroom of recently redundant Shirley Wallace and her fiancé Gareth Gillespie. Gareth had experience in sales, particularly office furniture. With Shirley’s eye for stylish design and Gareth’s contacts the online store was launched.

Manufacturers providing stylish, quality products with quality/environmental standards were sourced. Shirley deemed thorough product knowledge with a personal service as essential components in meeting customer expectations. Key factors in achieving excellence in customer service.

Shirley has continued to strive to constantly improve on the service provided. By providing sample swatches of seating fabrics or colours for desktop finishes, customers can match with existing furniture items.

Continuing on her quest to offer a first-class service, Shirley wanted customers to be inspired and to be able to see and try products. The search for suitable premises for a showroom began.

Today, the Saxen online store continues and offers a variety of commercial and home office furniture, ergonomic accessories and bistro and café furniture. The small, dedicated team now work from the 7,000 sq ft furniture showroom where a huge variety of furniture items and accessories are on display.

The showroom, a restored lace mill, is a stunning example of Victorian architecture. The design and layout is impressive. It could be little else with Shirley’s eye for detail.

“With the showroom, I wanted to give the customer inspiration – I want them to look at what is achievable and give their workspace an entirely different look.

Office furniture has changed over the years and there is so much more you can do to make your workplace a great place to be – it should be somewhere you look forward to going and feel proud to be in.

The emphasis is now on the wellbeing of the staff and with a little creativity, you can achieve much better performance from your workforce.

Part of our showroom consists of working offices and we have tried to create a different feel to each individual’s workplace, right down to allowing the staff to select their own wall art – from poppies to giraffes!”

Shirley Wallace, Managing Director

Saxen have an extensive portfolio of commercial projects throughout Scotland. They have been involved in design and space planning of commercial interiors and procurement of furniture for a number of different clients.

The growing client list covers a wide variety of market sectors including the following:

  • hospitality – seating and tables for bistros, cafes, restaurants and social areas
  • healthcare – furniture and medical seating with antimicrobial fabrics
  • commercial office – desking and seating, storage and screening
  • education – reception and breakout furniture, training and stacking chairs

Using in-house detailed space planning and design programmes, Shirley can help clients visualise their space.

Clients have described the showroom as “inspirational”, the team as “professional, friendly and efficient” and the service as “second-to-none” and “first class”.

More than 30 desks and over 50 chairs are displayed. Commercial furniture for the hospitality sector includes bistro and bar furniture. Visitors are encouraged to try out the soft seating and chairs. A wide portfolio of previous projects is on hand for clients to view to further enhance their inspiration.

Furniture and seating specifically designed for the healthcare market have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial fabrics. The Team use a range of quality manufacturers from practical laboratory chairs and ergonomic stools to functional desks and storage units.

Education furniture includes reception desks and storage lockers for schools colleges and universities. Training chairs with writing tablets or stacking chairs to suit training establishments or examination and conference centres.

Ergonomics in the workplace is becoming increasingly important with the rising incidence of repetitive strain injuries and back problems. Whether seeking to try out a simple wrist rest or vertical computer mouse, a specialist ergonomic office chair or a height adjustable desk, the showroom has it all.

With the increase in demand for home office furniture, there is a section dedicated to the home office user within the showroom. This includes a range of home office workstations, laptop desks and chairs.

So many are now working from home on a regular basis from a variety of backgrounds. Should you require home office furniture for a dedicated study or be sourcing a small desk suitable for the bedroom of a studying teenager, an extensive collection is available. Customers have the option of visiting the online store or calling in-house to the Saxen showroom.

Shirley and the Saxen Team invite you to drop by for an informal chat over a coffee, trial the range of furniture and accessories on display and browse sample catalogues.

Alison is responsible for all online sales at and for the home office sector within the showroom. Chris is involved in local commercial projects for and is more than happy to pop by your commercial premises to advise.

Visit Shirley, Chris and Alison at Riverbank Mill soon to see how the Saxen Team can help you create an inspired, individual workplace to enjoy.

Look out for further features with Saxen Ltd and The Business Herald.


Commercial Furniture Showroom

Commercial Furniture Showroom

saxen commercial furniture showroom

Saxen Commercial Furniture Showroom

The facility of being able to buy online has made everyone’s life much easier. Sometimes you would prefer to see fabrics and look at quality.

This is often more of need when   spending a larger amount of money. You want to be sure you are getting what you are paying for!

When starting out a new business venture it is very important to ensure the furniture you purchase for your commercial enterprise is built to last and fits your every need. The Saxen commercial furniture showroom allows clients to see fabrics, materials and choose furniture in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The ranges within the extensive commercial furniture showroom at Saxen are wide and varied.

Furniture for the Hospitality Sector

Saxen have been involved in a number of projects covering the hospitality sector. Bar stools, cafe chairs and bistro seating are some of the products that can be viewed at the commercial furniture showroom.

Commercial Office Furniture

Office Dividers and Desk Screens

Within the showroom there a number of different types of office dividers and desk screens to view. A range of fabrics and materials are available and a variety of styles including zip screens and free-standing designs.

Storage: Bookcases, File Cabinets & Cupboards

Saxen have a wide collection of suppliers and showcase a range of storage items within the commercial furniture showroom.

Commercial Office Desking

Curved desks, height adjustable desks, bench desking, desks with cable management: whatever you need you will find in the showroom. There is also a dedicated section with home office computer workstations.

All images Charmaine Gittens. All photographs taken within the Saxen commercial furniture showroom.