The many uses of leather…

How many uses for leather can you think of…

  • furniture such as sofas and office chairs,
  • jackets
  • shoes
  • gloves
  • handbags
  • purses and wallets
  • belts and,
  • book binding

…but did you know golf balls known as the “feathery” were made of leather!

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Leather…

So you’re wondering whether to choose a leather office chair or sofa?

The Top 5 reasons to choose leather are:

1.    Long Lasting

It lasts for several years and can last a lifetime. Often its appearance improves with age. Visit the Museum of Leathercraft in Northampton to see some fine examples of aged leather or alternatively have a look on their website.

The museum is home to the walnut and leather Portuguese 18th Century chair in the photograph. While the design is different from chairs of today the chair, and leather, has endured time….

 2.    Damage Repairable

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