Executive Leather Office Chair Review

Executive Leather Office Chair Review

executive leather office chair reviewReviews often aid customers in reaching a decision. Every customer seeks excellent customer service and a great product!

The review below praises both the Saxen customer service and the product selected. In this case the customer selected an executive style office chair.

The customer, Mrs Schwitter, ordered a Tivoli leather office chair in a chocolate finish. The image to the left is the Tivoli in chocolate.

Great Service and Product!

We had an office chair delivered to us in Switzerland. It arrived on time and was just perfect for our needs. Thank you Saxen. Great service and great customer care team, who kept us informed of the transition process.

E Schwitter

The Tivoli is a leather faced chair with detailed stitching as can be seen in the images above. It is suitable for the home office or workplace. This particular office chair is also available in black or tan as can be seen below.


Leather Office Seating: Chairs in Black, Brown or White

Leather Office Seating

If you are seeking out a new leather office chair the choice is vast. Black is most popular but there are a variety of other colours for leather office seating.

With almost 70 leather office chairs in one category it was becoming a little difficult for customers to navigate the online store. To help make navigation within the leather office chair category easier for you, sub categories have been added.

Initially the chairs have been separated into the most popular colours:

Many of the chairs are offered in a variety of more unusual leather colours too. These include blue, silver, red and green.

If you are seeking leather office seating in a colour which you cannot clearly see please contact the team. There are some leather products offered in a range of unusual colours which have not been specifically added to a sub-category.

As an example the Opus Medium Back Executive Leather Office Chair is available in a choice of 10 different leather colours!

Some 50 office chairs remained in the the most popular black colour sub category. This sub-category was further sub-divided into pricing sub categories as follows:

  • black leather chairs under £150
  • black leather chairs between £150 – £249
  • black leather chairs between £250 – £349
  • and finally the high end products priced over £350

leather office seating

Some of the other chairs offered in a range of colours include:

These changes have been made to help you navigate the site with ease. Should you require any additional information or advice the team will be more than happy to assist.