Tips for Selecting Office Storage

Tips for Selecting Office Storage

tips for selecting office storageThere is such a vast array of different types of office storage available. Such choice can make it difficult to decide. The following are tips for selecting office storage for your workplace be it a home office or commercial workspace.

tips for selecting office storageThere are three main office storage products:

  • filing cabinets
  • bookcases
  • cupboards or cabinets

Filing Cabinets

tips for selecting office storageIdeal for hanging files. Endless choice of shapes and sizes, colours and finishes. You can choose from a simple under desk pedestal with one filing drawer. Ideal where floor space is premium. Or perhaps you need a little larger filing cabinet and would like additional desk space? Consider a desk high pedestal.

tips for selecting office storage

Should you work from home you may prefer a file cabinet to blend in with existing furniture in the home. Ideally you would like your office storage to look like home furniture.

If you work in larger, commercial premises you may need a considerably larger lateral filing cabinet. A cupboard with filing drawers may be preferred.


tips for selecting office storageBookcases are extremely versatile. They can be used for storage of books, box files or storage boxes.

Many office furniture ranges offer optional drawer or door packs too. This allows customisation of a bookcase to fit your ideal office storage.

There are a number of colour choices, finishes and sizes for bookcases too. This makes them an adaptable choice whether you wish to find storage to fit under a window or fill a whole wall.

Cupboards or Cabinets

tips for selecting office storageCupboards and cabinets cover the widest choice in office storage. Do you seek a printer or scanner storage or a cupboard with sliding doors or perhaps a cabinet with drawers.

There are many things to consider. Sliding doors can be the perfect choice for a narrow area where the opening of hinge doors may impede a walkway or take up vital space.

tips in selecting office storageOne large cupboard or bookcase with a combination of lockable cupboard doors, an open shelf or two and drawers may be just what you need.

Finally office storage does not need to be boring. There are a number of bright colours and finishes to choose from to brighten up your office. You can also find storage for the smallest spaces which will be compact, jazzy and stylish.


Office Storage Furniture Solutions

Office Storage Furniture Solutions

Every office needs storage for office stationery supplies and files. There are a wide collection of office storage furniture solutions to choose from. The following tips will help you source the best furniture solution to fit your requirements.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are designed for storage of hanging files. These range in number of drawers and design. You can choose from a simple one drawer file cabinet to a storage cabinet with drawers and cupboards with an integrated file drawer.

There are vertical and horizontal, or lateral, file cabinets. Steel file cabinets are generally used in the corporate environment as they are solid and hard wearing. The many wood finishes are generally preferred for an executive office.

Some pedestals have integrated file drawers. These are designed to be either desk height or to fit under the desk.

Office Cupboards or Cabinets

There are any number of office cupboards and cabinets to choose from. You can choose from desk high cabinets through to tall storage cabinets. Some have drawers and some have integrated filing drawers. Others have a storage space for a printer or scanner. Office cupboards with sliding doors can be useful where space is limited.

In a previous post the top 5 best selling office storage cabinets were highlighted. These included a tambour cupboard, printer storage and the economical steel storage solutions.


Finally bookcases in a wide array of shapes and sizes can suit many different office storage requirements. Whether seeking a low bookcase for under a window or a tall and wide bookcase for a larger area there are a variety to choose from.

Many office furniture collections offer bookcases with separate drawer or door fronts. You can personally tailor an office storage unit to suit your requirements.

The above are just some ideas to help you find the correct office storage furniture solutions to suit your needs. If you need any information on any office storage units please do not hesitate to contact the team.