The Home Office Location Conundrum!

Home Office Location Conundrum!

You know you need a home office so next decision is where? In a smaller home you may not have a lot of choice when choosing the home office location.

A dedicated room in the house for your home office may be a luxury but that doesn’t mean you can’t locate your home office within an existing room.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Home Office Location throughout the Home

Home office in a guest bedroom

home office location

This White Single Pedestal Desk could double-up as a Guest Bedroom Dressing Table!

Thinking of using a guest bedroom in the house?

Consider how often you need to use the office versus how often you’ll need to use the bedroom! If the office is for occasional use then using a guest bedroom shouldn’t cause any hardship.

White furniture fits into most environments but can work particularly well in a bedroom.

A white single pedestal desk could easily double up as a dressing table when mum drops by for a weekend. This can be an ideal solution for a home office with occasional use. It may not work so well if you often have guests.

Home office in your own bedroom

narrow desks for small spacesImmediate advantage here is you will have access whenever you need it coupled with peace and tranquility to work!

First drawback being your work is permanently in your sleeping space. A permanent reminder of what you have yet to finish.

If you would prefer your office to go out-of-site temporarily then a hidden office or hideaway computer office furniture is a perfect solution!

Second drawback is if anyone else needs to use the desk or computer. Imagine your neighbour drops by and asks you to print something for them. They have a problem with their own printer. You stroll off to your bedroom and they follow and hey ho you forgot to lift your dirty underwear!

Positioning in a bedroom you regularly use is also important. If you plan to position your home office desk near a bed you may wish to consider narrower desks. The depth of a desk can vary dependent on design. A wider desk may encroach on the room space or walkway round a bed for instance. You also need to consider the office chair you choose. In such cases it is often better to choose an office chair without arms.

Home office in the living room or lounge

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Modular Home Office Furniture | Desks, Cabinets & Storage

Modular Home Office Furniture

modular home office furnitureHugely popular with customers is the Grange modular home office furniture collection. This range of products includes desks, cabinets, bookcases and other storage units.

The real beauty with this range is it can be tailored to specifically meet your needs. You can create a simple storage unit for your home such as the image to the right or you can fill a whole wall with a collection of units for storage, an office or a combination of the two!

A previous post suggested a possible combination of units and explained the simplicity of creating such a unique space.

Each piece is handmade in the UK and finished to a very high standard. There are a number of finishes to choose from. You can opt for a panelled finish too, if preferred. There are a selection of handles for drawers and cupboard doors.

Once you’ve decided on colour finish and handles then it is over to measuring out your space and choosing individual units.

modular home office furniture

Modular Home Office Desks

To create your own unique home office you would start by choosing a base product.

    • Are you looking for a smaller base due to space constraints or a larger base unit?
    • Is a pull-out keyboard important to you? This can be advantageous ergonomically if you plan on using it for a lot of typing.
    • Are you planning on utilising a corner of a room? In which case the corner base unit may suit you better.
    • Perhaps the hideaway or hidden office in a lounge or bedroom would suit you better?

modular home office furniture
This collection is so adaptable and made to such a high standard it is a firm customer favourite. If you would like any help in choosing your own modular home office furniture units to create your individual space please contact the team or alternatively visit the online store where you can see some other home office combinations.