Stand in Office for Weight Loss and Health

stand in office

Prefer to stand at work – then you need a height adjustable desk…

In the last few days, the research of Dr John Buckley from the University of Chester has been a popular media story with the BBC News, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail covering it.

Dr Buckley recommends standing at your office desk to lose weight and boost circulation and to keep our metabolic rate stimulated.

Indeed, many of us are guilty of sitting too much. We sit to travel to and from work either in a car or on public transport (when not overcrowded and we find a seat that is!). At work you sit to work, sit for tea breaks and lunch breaks and when we get home in the evening, once again we sit to eat and watch TV.

Of course, standing at our regular height desks is not comfortable for typing or writing. It is unlikely our bosses will rush out and buy a range of height adjustable desks to allow us to stand occasionally throughout the day.

So what can we do? We could help ourselves by choosing to stand on public transport or even walking to work.  We could take a walk at lunch time and perhaps even stand when making telephone calls.  Use the stairs rather than the lift.

Dr Buckley says:

“standing up for three hours a day will consume 144 calories”

Does that mean more biscuits at tea break?


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