Saxen and Social Media

Where to find Saxen on Social Media

There are so many social media platforms in use today. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain your business name which can make it difficult for customers to find you. Occasionally the name may already be in use by someone else or the social media platform has a character quantity restriction. At Saxen we try to make it easy for customers to get in touch and so if you prefer to keep in touch with us via social media then we offer several options.


We are listed on Google+ as Saxen Workplace Solutions so if you are a Google+ user then you can follow our page there.


You’ll find us on Facebook as SaxenFurniture. We have used Facebook to run competitions in the past to win either an office chair or a home office desk. If you like competitions Like our Facebook page and share our posts.


If you prefer tweeting and hashtags, then Saxen can be found on Twitter as SaxenWorkplace. Competitions have also been ran on Twitter so again if you are keen on #competitions then Follow us on Twitter and Re-Tweet our posts.


If you love pictures then Pinterest is for you. Find us as saxenfurniture and repin us.


Finally you’ll find us under Linkedin companies as Saxen Ltd.

Visit us soon.


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