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Occupational Physiotherapy with Tracey of PhysioActiv

If you are struggling to get back to work because of an injury or pain perhaps you need to consider some occupational physiotherapy. Tracey Telfer has a degree in physiotherapy and is a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics. Tracey helps people on a daily basis to get back to work through her practice PhysioActiv.

For the campaign, Tracey was asked for her comments on “Can Work Damage Your Health?”:

“A good home/work balance is essential to keep one step ahead of prolonged sitting or standing postures which may lead to a muscular imbalance. It is important to have a work area that suits an individuals needs, supports delicate structures and allows freedom to others. Physiotherapy can help identify these imbalances and get your Back out of the habit!”

The ‘Can Work Damage Your Health‘ campaign has LEARN, WIN and SAVE sections. For the LEARN section, Tracey kindly agreed to be interviewed and has answered a wide range of questions including:

  • the injuries and pains she works with day-to-day
  • advice for someone with back pain
  • tips for easing the pain of repetitive strain injury
  • and why she chose this career path.

In the interview, readers ‘get-to-know’ Tracey and gain an understanding of occupational physiotherapy. She runs a busy, successful practice and also visits businesses where she works onsite. Tracey is passionate about her job and this really comes across in the interview.  She has a habit of checking out the shoes of her patients. Intrigued? Read the interview to find out why!

Can Work Damage Your Health

occupational physiotherapy

The ‘Can Work Damage Your Health’ campaign has a wide variety of contributions from experts in the pain related field. To find out more about the campaign and Tracey, please visit the campaign website.


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