Office Ergonomics – Back Support

office ergonomics back support

Mesh Back Support

The lumbar region of the body is often referred to as the lower back or lower spine. The 5 vertebrae in the lumbar spine are the strongest and the largest of the spinal column and are situated between the rib cage and the pelvis.

Ergonomic office chairs are fitted with a lumbar support which is often adjustable.  However, many operator office chairs, typist chairs or computer office chairs do not provide enough support for the lumbar or lower back area.

office ergonomics back support

Gel Pack Lumbar Support

Lumbar or back supports can be a simple, cost-effective solution to provide a little more support where purchasing a new ergonomic office chair is not an option.  These are available in a range of materials and have adjustable straps to fit on any chair.

Gel Pack

lumbar supports can be heated in the microwave or chilled to suit the individual and help soothe back aches and pains.

office ergonomics back support

Memory Foam Back Support

Mesh Fabric

back supports allow airflow and conform to the contours of the body reducing tension by maintaining the lumbar curve of the lower back.

Memory Foam

back supports adapt to the natural contours of the body to provide gentle support.


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