Office Chairs to Boost Productivity

Office Chairs to Boost Productivity

office-chairs-to-boost-productivityPopular Men’s Health magazine produced an article titled ‘Five Office Chairs to boost your productivity’.

Two of the chairs in their office chairs to boost productivity listing included the HÅG and the Swopper.

Both of these chairs are ergonomically designed to help promote blood circulation and improve posture.

Improved posture reduces back and neck pain and other associated health problems. Blood circulation is also fundamental for brain function. The theory:  less health problems and increased circulation boosts productivity.

HÅG Capisco Office Chair

office chairs to boost productivityWith the HÅG, you can sit equally comfortably facing forward or turned to the side.

It has received a number of awards for its unique qualities and characteristic, environmentally friendly design. The seat is made from recycled car bumpers and household plastic packaging!

The idea behind the design was no one sits as actively as a horse rider! The chair was designed to heed movement of the body.

Swopper Ergonomic Stool

office chairs to boost productivityMany Gadget Show fans will remember when Ortis and Jason were given the Super Workplace Challenge. Their mission was to transform the office and make it either more fun or more productive or both! The Swopper was one of the products they chose.

The Swopper moves in three dimensions. It supports and encourages ‘active sitting’. The manufacturers call this ‘dynamic sitting’. Dynamic sitting ensures sufficient circulation of blood and encourages concentration and performance.

Further Information

Further information for retailers about the HÅG or the Swopper is available via ErgoCube on 0845 652 0913.

For commercial sales of either the HÅG or the Swopper, please contact the Saxen commercial sales team via on 0845 652 0454.

Individual sales can be made via the Saxen online store at Alternatively contact the Saxen online sales team on 0845 652 2347 for further details. Office chairs to boost productivity!


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