Modular Home Office Furniture Collections

Modular Home Office Furniture Collections

modular home office furniture collectionsThe home office or study is fast becoming a necessity in the modern home of today.

Sourcing the right home office desk is not always easy. Each individual will have some unique requirements for their home office.

Compromise is often sought to finally decide on a desk. However, modular home office units can be the ideal solution. Avoid the compromise!

Freestanding Flexibility

The image above is an example of a freestanding modular home office furniture collection. An artistic creation! A corner home office design with a number of individual modular units. The corner desk with monitor shelf, a cupboard, an open bookcase and a 6-drawer art cupboard completes this office.

The individual components are shown in the gallery below.

The corner desk modular unit has a cable port in the desktop. A slide out keyboard shelf can be added. For ease of movement for cleaning, or reaching electrical sockets, lockable castors can be added.

Beech 2012With modular home office furniture collections, the consumer can choose from a rectangular desk, a workstation, a hideaway or the corner desk unit. A 40mm overhang to the back ensures clearance of skirting boards and sockets.

There are narrow and wide bookcases. There is a scanner and printer stand and a CPU storage unit. Numerous office storage units include file cabinets and cupboards of various sizes. Freestanding modular home office furniture collections allow individuality.

modular home office furniture collectionsThe sample modular home office furniture collection in the image above has nickel handles. Wooden or brass are alternative options.

There are six colour finishes. The artist image above is oak. Beech is also shown above. For a crisp fresh finish, there is white. For a darker warmer tone, teak or walnut. Panelling can be incorporated if desired. Units are heat, stain and scratch resistant.

modular home office furniture collectionsThese particular modular units are UK manufactured. At Saxen, we have an excellent working relationship with the manufacturer.

If you have any questions about any of the freestanding modular home office units or any other furniture collections, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Avoid compromise and choose modular home office furniture collections. Create your perfect home office.


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