Home Office Chairs without Wheels!

home office chairs without wheelsHome Office Chairs without Wheels!

Customers often prefer to choose home office chairs without wheels (i.e. castors).

There can be a whole range of reasons for this.

  • floor covering
  • safety concerns
  • or personal preference

Floor Covering

Thick carpets would certainly impede a rolling chair! A good reason for seeking home office chairs without wheels! There may also be concerns over marking new wooden or tiled flooring.

Safety Concerns

Elderly people or those with a disability could be concerned about mobility issues. They may be anxious in case the chair rolls before they are seated properly, particularly on hard flooring. Parents may worry the kids will see the office chair as a new toy. Potential home accidents!


The smaller home office user may feel there is no requirement for castors. They may only use the home office for limited periods. Design and colour to coordinate with existing fixtures and fittings in the room could lead the choice. Function being of less importance than personal preference.

Choosing Home Office Chairs without Wheels – Styles to Consider

Cantilever Office Chairs: The image at the top of this post shows four examples of cantilever office chairs. An option for customers seeking home office chairs without wheels!

Chairs in this style are generally marketed as guest or visitor chairs. This design type of office seating is popular in reception areas and public areas where there is no requirement for the user to move, or roll, the chair. They also make popular stacking chairs in a boardroom or conference setting.

home office chairs without wheelsStacking Chairs: An alternative to the cantilever chair is the stacking chair. Generally stacking chairs are thought of for school canteens or cafeterias.

Indeed, polypropylene examples are popular for eating places for ease of cleaning. However, there are fabric choices available in a range of colour fabrics.

Stacking chairs are often lighter and take up less space than cantilever chairs.

Office Chairs with Glides: The third and final option are chairs with glides. For simplicity the two chairs in the image(s) below are described.

home office chairs without wheelsThe Blade conference chair is an example of a swivel chair. Rather than castors the chair has small feet (glides). With this particular chair the customer can choose castors or glides. Available in black or white.

home office chairs without wheelsThe Lii visitor chair in mesh is shown with two castors and two glides (to the front). A stable, but moveable option.

The front can be tilted to easily move (i.e. roll) the chair if required. The Lii chair can can be chosen with four castors or four glides, if preferred. It is available in a range of colour options.

If you are interested in any of the chairs in the images or would like some help and advice in choosing home office chairs without wheels, please do not hesitate to call the team on 0845 652 2347.