Extra Chairs for Guests at Christmas

Extra Chairs for Guests at Christmas

So you have your own family for Christmas. You have all the presents bought and wrapped and are planning your Christmas menu. Then your other half drops a bombshell. They have invited their sister and her family or some second cousin twice removed and his family! The elderly woman next door is on her own since her husband passed away. No one should be on their own at Christmas. You are going to have a house full anyway so what difference will one more make. You have invited her too.

What started off as a meal for four of you has ended up somewhere nearer a dozen people. You are going to need a much larger turkey! Thankfully most people are happy to help out at Christmas. Each person can be given a task such as bringing the sherry trifle, Christmas cake or Christmas pudding. Guests can each prepare some veg. Be it the brussels sprouts, the parsnips or the spuds.

It is time for everyone to get together so to it is a time for everyone to help out.

Where though is everyone going to sit?

Extra Chairs for GuestsThis can be tough one. You need extra chairs for guests!

If you have garden furniture wrapped under cover in your garden, in the shed or garage, could you use any of that?

Ask your visitors if they have any folding chairs in their own home which they could bring. You are invited but bring a dish or a bottle and your own chair!

Extra Chairs for GuestsFolding chairs are a great space saving solution. They can be kept flat and neatly stored in a garage, attic-space or that high shelf in the cupboard that you seldom venture up to. Handy to pull down whenever you have any family occasions or extra guests around the house.

They are a cost-effective, compact solution when you need extra chairs for guests.

You can even pull them out for extra guests for your garden party or BBQ in the summer. Spring is just around the corner….

Update: Unfortunately the two chairs within this post have been discontinued. For alternatives visit stacking chairs or cafe chairs


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