Comparing Laptop Small Desks – Width, Depth and Use

Desktop Computer versus Laptop

Laptops are becoming more and more popular even within the workplace. Laptops allow portability. As consumers we have much in the way of choice. When it comes to comparing laptop small desks, there too we will find much variety.

Comparing Laptop Small Desks

Nowadays the humble desk has a whole host of new, modern titles. PC or computer workstation, laptop desk, computer hideaways, hidden office, office desk, bench desk and many others. Thankfully there is great choice in the width and depth of individual units. There is something available for every space. The equipment you will use on the space and your individual use of the space is also important.

Home Office Laptop Desks
Student Desk

Laptop Desk

There are many different sizes of laptops available. As an example the most popular sized laptop is 15″ which equates approximately to 38 cm (380mm). The size of your laptop and desktop space need to be considered when comparing laptop or small desks.

For example the small laptop desk in the image has a width of 48 cm and a depth of 52 cm. Great for a small space or occasional use desk. But perhaps a little small for more regular use? Not a lot of space if you are planning on setting up an ergonomic workspace. Little room for using your laptop with a mouse. And what about your coffee mug?

Something like the Curve laptop glass desk is available in two different sizes. The smaller width being 90 cm so some space for an ergonomic set up with mouse use and separate keyboard. And space too for that all important coffee mug! It can help to mark out the desk width and depth in the room. What do you need to have on that desktop space?

Commercial Office Desks
comparing laptop small desks

Mexico Small Desk

Commercial office furniture desk widths usually start from the smallest size 80 cm and can go up 220 cm for larger units. The depth is usually 60 or 80 but again there are much larger desks available. When comparing laptop desks for a working environment the ergonomic set up is extremely important. Other items on the desk may include document holders, stacking trays and file folders so the desktop space should be planned accordingly.


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