Choosing Stacking Chairs: Factors to Consider

Choosing Stacking Chairs

stacking chairs

Stackable fabric chairs

Stacking chairs are available in a wide range of colours, designs and materials.

Depending on materials used some chairs are more suited for a particular use in the public or private sector.

The choice is vast. If seeking stackable chairs for a staff or school canteen, a conference or meeting room or perhaps a reception area consider the following tips.

Factors to Consider

stacking chairs

Polypropylene stacking chair

If choosing chairs for a canteen or bistro then stacking chairs are best. They can simply be stacked up at the side for ease of cleaning floors.

Polypropylene is an obvious wipeable solution and often more popular for school canteens with children. They can often be stacked higher (up to 8) which may be something you need to consider.

Wood laminate is easy to wipe down too though often a little more expensive than the polypropylene.

stacking chairs

Conference chair with arms

Fabric chairs offer a little more comfort in a staff canteen. They have deep foam seats. Generally fabric chairs are up to four stackable.

As well as canteens, these stackable chairs are also options for Stacking chairs, meeting and training rooms and public waiting areas.

Many are available in a range of unlimited fabric colour choices. This can be useful for a reception or meeting room if wishing to use corporate colours.

Other factors to consider are the requirement for arms. If choosing chairs for a reception or public waiting area a chair with arms may not be necessary. Chairs with arms would require more space. Particularly if sitting side-by-side.

Training rooms or examination rooms often require a chair with a writing tablet. These too can be found in polypropylene or in fabrics. Once again there are unlimited fabric options should you wish to use corporate colours.

Price too can be a factor. Particularly if you need to purchase a high quantity of chairs. Prices can vary considerably. The simple green polypropylene chair in the image above starts at £27.


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