Best Ergonomic Office Chair for a Small Person

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for a Small Person

Anyone of shorter than average stature knows only too well the pain of finding any comfortable chair! Even something as simple as sitting on a bus or train or sitting down in a cafe for a cuppa can be excruciatingly uncomfortable after time. Either the pressure from the seat digs into the back of your knees or you cannot sit back properly in the chair to support your back. Sometimes you even have dangling legs! Thankfully finding a comfortable office chair is easier.

The following are tips to aid in sourcing the best ergonomic office chair for a small person.

1) Seat Height

The first basic requirement for any office chair is seat height adjustment. Ideally when sitting you should be able to rest your feet firmly on the floor. Therefore a height adjustable office chair is essential.

All ergonomic office chairs should have this feature as standard. Adjustment is provided by a gas lift. However, gas lift adjustment can vary quite considerably from chair to chair. It can be anywhere from 7″ to around 15″. It is worth checking this out with your office chair supplier for each chair you are interested in before deciding. Request the seat height dimensions. The best office chair for a small person will have the lowest seat height adjustment at 510mm or lower.

For those of shorter stature if using your office chair for desk work then having feet fixed firmly on the floor is not always possible. Such a position creates an added pro as you are too low to work at the desk! Just another dilemma for the smaller person!

The ideal would be a height adjustable desk. However, this is not always financially possible. In such situations a footrest is the next best thing. This allows you to adjust your chair and footrest to reach a comfortable height for desk work.

2) Seat Slide

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for a Small PersonThis next function is not usually a standard function on all ergonomic chairs. For those of shorter stature it is essential. If you have shorter legs pins and needles or aches in the lower legs is an unfortunate common feature. This is often because of pressure from the seat behind the knees affecting circulation.

Sitting back properly in a seat with your feet firmly on the floor, you should easily be able to fit two to three fingers between the back of your knee and the edge of the seat.

With any chair the seat is often too large for a shorter person. As a result either your back is slouched or when sitting back in the chair the seat edge catches the back of the knees. The seat slide function is designed to accommodate different leg lengths so the seat can be adjusted for your leg length. The best ergonomic office chair for a small person should ideally have a seat slide feature.

3) Back Height

The next basic feature is back height adjustment. When sitting in the chair with feet firmly on the floor the chair back should support the lumbar area and spinal column. The back must be height adjustable so the back can be raised and lowered to adequately support the lumbar region. For each individual this will be different.

4) Adjustable Armrests

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for a Small PersonIf opting for an office chair with armrests in those of shorter or smaller stature it is best to opt for adjustable. With some office chairs the arms will be fixed. The best ergonomic office chair for a small person would ideally include adjustable armrests.

The second point to bear in mind is that although many ergonomic office chairs will offer this feature it may simply be to raise or lower the arms. For those with a slight frame, in addition to raising and lowering, depth adjustable arms are best. Depth adjustment allows you to move the arms in closer to your upper body.

5) Seat Width

Best Ergonomic Office Chair for a Small PersonThe final point of note is less of an issue for a person of shorter stature with an average body frame. It relates to the differences in seat width and is a factor worth considering for those with a slight, petite frame.

Seat widths in different office chairs can vary up to 13cms (5”). Such a variation can make quite a significant difference to individual comfort when using a chair with armrests.

Any slight built person will certainly have sat at some point in an armchair in which they felt lost! It can be much the same with some office chairs.

You can see from the dimension example this particular seat has a width of 500mm. However, you can find some quite generous seat widths of up to 590mm. This may be ideal for those with a larger frame. It can diminish comfort in a person of slight frame with shorter arms when using armrests. If you have a slight frame it is worth considering the seat width in a chair with armrests particularly if the armrests are not adjustable. Once again your office chair supplier will be able to provide seat width dimensions.

The above are tips to help in sourcing the best ergonomic office chair for a small person, be that stature and or slight body frame. Your office chair supplier will be able to advise you which chairs are best for your height and build and provide chair dimensions accordingly.


Ergonomic office chairs that are good for your back

Ergonomic office chairs that are good for your back

Ergonomic office chairs that are good for your backIf you are in pain with your back looking for ergonomic office chairs that are good for your back can be a mind numbing exercise.

Ideally what should you be looking for?

The BBC published an article titled “Sitting straight ‘bad for backs’“. This was based on research conducted in Scotland and Canada. They found sitting at a typical 90 degree angle was bad for the back. Spinal disc movement was found to be most pronounced sitting at this angle. This can cause discs to move out of place.

Ideally their research found a relaxed 135 degree angle to be best. Unfortunately such an angle is obviously a little too difficult for desk work! Talk about lying down on the job!

Ergonomic office chairs that are good for your backHowever when looking for ergonomic office chairs that are good for your back this is a key feature you ought to consider.

An ergonomic office chair that will allow you to adjust to multiple angles would be the ideal. At certain times throughout the day you could relax the angle on your chair to take some pressure off your back. Ideal times to do this are perhaps when you are on a telephone call or reading through some paperwork.

Often this feature is called a back tilt or a free-float backrest.

When you are looking at ergonomic office chairs that are good for your back ask your office chair supplier to ensure they have this feature.