Home Office Desks with Integrated Storage

Home Office Desks with Integrated Storage

There are a variety of styles of home office desks. For those simply needing a desktop for a laptop or computer a minimalist style will suit. However, many use a home office for work or for dealing with household accounts. In such situations home office desks with integrated storage are often preferred.

The following are some examples of the different styles to serve as a guide when looking for home office desks with integrated storage.

Traditional Style Desks

Traditional-Style-Home-Office-DesksFirst up traditional style. These are often designed for modern day use with an antique or more traditional style. Unlike antique desks they are often designed with a pull-out shelf to hide a keyboard when not in use.

Storage is provided with a pedestal. Such units are either single or double pedestal. The pedestal or pedestals may be designed to store a CPU or hanging files.

These are often in wood and preferable to fit into a more traditional styled home. Integrated storage can be limited, particularly in single pedestal designs.

Modern Computer Workstations

Home Office Desks with Integrated StorageThere a wide range of modern computer workstations from a simple minimalist designed unit through to some with quite extensive integrated storage. The storage may include

  • cupboards with a shelf or shelves,
  • file drawers or stationery drawers,
  • printer and or keyboard shelves
  • letter racks, CD racks or open storage.

These are often finished in wipe, scratch, heat and stain resistant melamine. The wide variety of designs, colours and styles often make these the more popular customer options when seeking home office desks with integrated storage. The trick is to work out what kind of storage you require before choosing.

Mini All-in-One Home Offices

home office desks with integrated storageAll-in-one home office units are essentially designed with a degree of integrated wall storage.

They can be quite simple in design with open shelving or somewhat more extensive with open storage, drawers and cupboards.

The more complex the storage and design of the unit the higher the price.

Modular Home Office Units

Home Office Desks with Integrated StorageThe image to the left is an example of modular home office units.

This example is actually a combination of three units or pieces. Okay so this is not strictly speaking one unit, i.e. a home office desk with integrated storage. However the individual components do create the look of one home office desk albeit made up with a combination of modular units.

Home Office Desks with Integrated Storage

You can create a simple design like the three unit piece above or something with more storage if you prefer. The second example is made up of four individual modular units including the two over shelf units.

Such designs provide truly individual home office desks with integrated storage. The variations are endless.

Choosing modular units is ideal if the integrated storage is a main deciding factor.


Square Office Desk | Workplace Table

Square Office Desks and Workplace Tables

If you are seeking the perfect square for your workplace the following are a selection of square office desks or tables.

Square Office Desk

square office deskFirst up a small selection of office desks with equal depth and length. These may have cantilever style legs or panel ends.

The Jackson collection is German manufactured. The 800mm x 800mm desk is available in all white (as shown) or all black.

The leg frame for this desk is designed so it can be fitted as either cantilever (as shown) or as a modern 4-leg design. It can be modified at any time.

square office deskThe Mexico collection also offers a square desktop at 800mm x 800mm. Although this desk has the same depth and length it does have a C-frame to the desktop. This square office desk is finished in rich walnut (as shown).

The Corum office furniture collection includes three desk styles which can be ordered at 800mm x 800mm. There is a panel end design, a cantilever style or a double cantilever style. The double cantilever is shown in the image gallery below. Note the image shows a rectangular version. The Corum collection is available in beech or light oak finish.

The Apollo collection, like the Corum, offers a panel end desk which can be selected with a square 800mm x 800mm desktop. The Apollo is offered in a range of colour finishes including birch, cherry, maple, black, white, walnut, beech and light oak. An example of a rectangular Apollo panel end desk is shown in image gallery below.

Square Workplace Tables

square office desk tableThe following are a selection of square table tops. These are generally designed for small meetings rather than specifically as office desks. However many could be used as a square office desk.

First up is this mobile option cleverly designed for ease of movement. This model was specifically designed for training establishments. You can choose from two finishes and five colours including oak, maple, walnut, cherry or white.

square office desk table 1200mm

Aura Bench Table

The Luna Double Barrel would suit if you are seeking a slightly larger table top. Measuring 1100mm x 1100mm, the Luna is offered in six colour finishes. See image gallery below. The simple Luna square table is also shown.

Finally the Aura bench conference table is available with a 1200mm x 1200mm tabletop.

Image to left is Aura table shown in a slightly larger length than depth and more rectangular than square. There are seven colour choices to choose from. With the Aura bench table there are optional electrical accessories.

The above list provides ten different examples of the square office desk or table. These are in a range of colour finishes and styles. Should you not see exactly what you are looking for please do contact the team. They have a vast knowledge base and will be able to aid you in sourcing your ideal square office desk.