Office Furniture Collections Online: Colour Finish or Wood Effect

Office Furniture Collections Online: Colour Finish or Wood Effect

office furniture collections online colour finishSeeking new office furniture? Without the trouble of leaving your workspace?

Over the next few weeks a series of posts will be provided to help you in choosing office furniture collections online.

These will be designed to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need.

The first of these posts is titled Office Furniture Collections Online Colour Finish or Wood Effect. This post aims to aid you in choosing a colour finish or wood effect finish for your office.

Office Furniture Collections: Colour Finish or Effect

office furniture collections online colour finishThe following lists the range of colour finishes or wood effects offered on a range of office furniture collections.

If you are seeking a particular colour finish this post will help you source furniture in the colour of your choice.

Sometimes colour finishes from two different office furniture manufacturers or two different furniture collections can be quite different.

Differences in Shades

It is important when seeking office furniture that you realise there can be differences in shades between ranges or manufacturers. These differences can be subtle but in some cases they can be quite different. You don’t want to discover on delivery the shade is lighter or darker than you thought!

The top right finish options are for the Idea and Ypsilon office furniture. The chart slightly lower on the left is from the Apollo collection. You can clearly see there is a difference between the light oak, beech and cherry in these two collections. The birch in the Apollo range looks a similar shade to the canaletto walnut in the other chart!

Close up on Walnut Finish

office furniture collections online colour finishes

Mexico Walnut with Black

Looking at walnut shades in more detail. The two charts provide three different walnut shades.

The Idea and Ypsilon collections have two walnut finishes. The castiglia and canaletto. These two walnut colour options are also offered with the X-Time collection.

In various images within the post you can see some other shades of walnut.

The Porto is a white range with the option of walnut drawer and door fronts. The Mexico walnut with black. The Aura bench desking in walnut finish. The Monarch Executive collection offers a dark and a light walnut finish. One of the Monarch finishes is shown in an image below.

Many, many different shades of walnut!

Getting the Same Shade

If you have an existing beech or walnut desk and require a new beech or walnut desk file cabinet to match it could be an entirely different shade!

If coordinating new furniture with existing items request colour samples from your office furniture supplier. This will ensure you find the best possible match.

Office Furniture Collections and the Colour Finishes

The following list has twelve different office furniture colour finishes. If you have a particular colour in mind you could start with these as a guideline.

Be mindful of the differences in shades within collections. As already noted from the Apollo and Ypsilon charts and the many shades of walnut.

At the lighter end of the scale you will find white or maple, beech or light oak. At the darker side of the spectrum you will find black, wenge or some of the walnut shades.


  • Apollo
  • Apollo Gold
  • Aura Bench
  • Corum (see image below)
  • Idea
  • Ypsilon
tips for selecting office storage

Ascend with White


  • Apollo
  • Aura Bench
  • Ascend (combination with white see image)


  • Apollo (see image)
  • Jackson

Apollo Black


  • E-Space Executive


  • Apollo
  • Aura Bench
  • Idea
  • X-Time
  • Ypsilon


  • Idea
  • Ypsilon
  • X-Time

Light Oak

office furniture collections online colour finish

Corum Light Oak

  • Apollo
  • Apollo Gold
  • Aura Bench
  • Corum (see image)
  • Idea
  • Maja Contact (also truffle oak/white combination)
  • Ypsilon

Lucida Pear

  • Prime Executive


  • Apollo
  • Apollo Gold
  • Aura Bench


  • X-Time
office furniture collections online colour finish

Monarch Walnut


  • Apollo
  • Aura Bench (see image below)
  • Ascend (combination with white)
  • Idea (two walnut colour finishes)
  • Mexico (option to combine with high gloss black)
  • Monarch (two walnut colour finishes see image)
  • X-Time (two walnut colour finishes)
  • Ypsilon (two walnut colour finishes)
office furniture collections online colour finish

Jackson White


  • Apollo
  • Aura Bench
  • Ascend
  • Idea
  • Jackson (see image)
  • Maja Contact
  • Porto (option to combine with walnut see image below)
  • Ypsilon

Colour Combinations

office furniture collections online colour finish

Porto White with Walnut

Some collections offer a combination of two colour choices. The Mexico (shown above) is offered with a walnut finish. You can choose to have high gloss black door and drawer fronts on storage if preferred.

The Porto has a white finish (image to right). You can choose to have door and drawer fronts with a walnut or white finish.

office furniture collections online colour finishes

Corum Beech

Should you see an image with a colour finish to your preference simply click on the image to click through to that particular collection.

All office furniture collections discussed are available online.

All collections have office desks and office storage. Storage options are varied within collections and range from tambour cupboards or storage cabinets, file cabinets or bookcases.

Some are more suited for open plan workspaces and others for individual or executive office spaces. Although there is overlap between the two purposes within some collections.

office furniture collections online colour finish

Aura Walnut

Some collections better suited for open plan workspaces offer bench desking. Examples are the Idea and the Aura.

The Monarch, Prime, E-Space, Kara and X-Time have some desks more suited for an executive or individual office space.

Should you wish any further help in relation to this post Office Furniture Collections Online Colour Finish or Wood Effect, please do not hesitate to contact the Team. They will be happy to help and provide colour samples to aid your decision.


Maja Futura Glass Laptop Computer Desk 5000

Maja Futura Glass Laptop Computer Desk 5000

Maja Futura glass laptop computer desk 5000Coming soon to the online store the new Maja Futura glass laptop computer desk 5000.

This desk design is based on the look of the Apple iPhone. What do you think?

Do you think it resembles your iPhone?

You may not think so.

However, like the iPhone, it has a contemporary and stylish look. A stunning home office addition.

Maja Futura Glass Laptop Computer Desk 5000Offered in an aluminium coloured metal with a choice of glass desktops.

There are four colour choices to choose from Atlantic blue, pastel red (right), pastel green or white glass. All four colours can be seen in the image at the top left.

The desk has a handy drawer in the middle. This can be seen slightly open in the image of the pastel red desk to the right.

The image below shows the open drawer in more detail. Plenty of room to store your laptop out of the way. Ideal should you wish to use the worktop space for writing.

Maja Futura Glass Laptop Computer Desk 5000

Desk dimensions are:

  • width 1202mm,
  • height 730mm and
  • depth of 602mm.

More New Products from Saxen….

It has been a busy few weeks for adding new products. The all-in-one mini home office workstations were newly added this month. They have proved very popular. Also in the last month the Vienna mobile home office glass desks were added. With four glass colour choices these were ideal for the small home office.

The upload of the extensive choice of desk designs for the Kara executive office furniture collection is ongoing. This range is suitable for a commercial environment or the larger home office or study.

And now, the most recent, four colour choices of Maja Futura glass laptop computer desk 5000!

Maja Futura glass laptop computer desk 5000