Why Buy New Office Furniture Online?

Why Buy New Office Furniture Online?

So why buy new office furniture online?

why buy new office furniture onlineWhen buying office furniture it is an investment.

You are investing within your business. You want it to grow.

In order to grow you want to create a good impression for potential customers and clients.

You wish to create a warm and welcoming workspace to keep your current customers and clients.

So why would you choose secondhand office furniture?

So you think it is cheaper? But is it really?

With secondhand furniture you have the hassle and expense of hiring transport or you use your own.

You risk potential damage to your vehicle or the furniture in transportation.

Finally you make it into your workspace. Thankfully the van and furniture are undamaged. Now you have to get the tools out to rebuild it. Time out when you could be working on growing your business.

Next problem… screws undone for transportation are now too loose. Result a wobbly desk or storage cupboard! Now doesn’t that look professional for your customers. And what is worse it is a constant source of irritation to you.

So now to the Top 3 Reasons why you should buy new office furniture online.

1) Installation

With new office furniture you often find that delivery and installation is included within the price. Hassle free for you!

Why buy new office furniture online? Automatic elimination of additional costs in hiring a van. No chunks out the wall when trying to manoeuvre the furniture into the workspace. No time out from work transporting the goods. No time out touching up the damaged wall. No trouble rebuilding the office furniture.

Result – professional workspace for potential future customers. Just what you wanted.

2) Choice

Second up – choice! When buying secondhand you seldom have choice. Certainly not the choice you have buying new.

why buy new office furniture onlineYou have stood in a cold warehouse or auction room and taken whatever was available. Valuable time away from your business. No choice. Numb feet and hands. Big red nose and have probably caught a cold.

Why buy new office furniture online? Because you have choice. You can choose colour finish. You chose the desk design and style. You can choose the office furniture collection best suited to your business needs. You can choose the storage options you need and not whatever was available.

3) Guarantee

why buy new office furniture online

Broken Secondhand Chair!

So one month after purchasing your bargain secondhand office furniture and the chair collapses. You put some files on the meeting table and it too collapses. The handle to the storage cupboard comes off in your hand.

When you buy new office furniture online you have a guarantee. The guarantee could be for a year or more. Some UK manufactured office furniture collections are guaranteed for ten years!

Many office chairs will at least have a one year guarantee. A top of the range ergonomic office chair may well have some parts guaranteed for 10 years. Your online retailer will provide this information.

So why buy new office furniture online? It is so easy. So should the question really be why not?


Last Days for Christmas Delivery…

Last Days for Christmas Delivery…

Marching through December toward Christmas Day… Some of the last days for Christmas delivery have already passed.

Saxen Online: Delivery Schedule

  • The Maja furniture cut off for Christmas delivery was Monday 8th December.
  • Products delivered by special carrier have a cut-off date today, Thursday 11th December.
  • Items offered via the next day delivery service have a cut-off date of Monday 22nd December.


Many of the Saxen suppliers will finish on Christmas Eve and will be on holiday through the New Year until Monday 5th January. Some will return on Friday 2nd January 2015.

If you are seeking any products in time for Christmas or New Year please contact the Team to confirm delivery and avoid disappointment. Some of the last days for Christmas delivery have already passed.

Merry Christmas!