Kara Executive Office Furniture Collection

Kara Executive Office Furniture Collection

Kara Executive Office Furniture CollectionSoon to be added to the online store the linear designed, stylish Kara Executive Office Furniture Collection.

This versatile range is offered in three finishes. The image to the right is the amber walnut finish. The other two finishes are the lighter white oak and darker brown oak.

A contemporary and elegant collection with a quality finish and clean lines.

The range includes office desks, storage and meeting tables.

kara executive office furniture collectionThere are a vast array of office desks. Choose from a variety of styles including rectangular desks, rectangular desks with return and rectangular desks with return and pedestal.

The range of the different desk designs can be seen in the image to the left.

You can choose to have the return and pedestal with stylish glass worktops as shown in the image above.

Kara Executive Office Furniture CollectionThe large three drawer pedestal unit protrudes beyond the end of the desktop. This feature provides additional work surface.

Drawers open with push & latch mechanism. One of the drawers incorporates a pen tray.

The enamelled glass top is 6mm thick (image above). You can also opt for a melamine top (image to left).

The images below show the three different colour finishes that are available.

The following close-up images allow you to see some of the finer details within this collection.

If you are interested in the Kara executive office furniture collection please visit our online store. Alternatively contact a member of the team. They will be happy to help.


Choosing Office Furniture for an Open Plan Workspace

Choosing Office Furniture for an Open Plan Workspace

choosing office furniture for an open plan workspaceWhen looking to buy office furniture you need to invest wisely. Your office furniture is a reflection on you and your business. Visitors to your office space are all potential customers. It’s important to create a good impression.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing office furniture for an open plan workspace.

Firstly work out the space. How many employees need to be accommodated in the workspace. How many desks and chairs will you require. Do you need to partition any particular areas off. Will you require storage in the workspace. What type of storage will be needed. Will some employees require storage at their desk. Do you need some lockable storage.

choosing office furniture for an open plan workspace

choosing office furniture for an open plan workspaceUnder desk pedestals are ideal for utilising the under desk space. Some mobile under desk pedestals can be fitted with a padded seat. Ideal to wheel out as a temporary seat for a visitor at your workstation.

Don’t forget the space around a chair. Make sure there is enough room to move the chair without blocking possible storage cabinets or walkways. Consider opening space for storage items like file cabinet drawers and cupboard doors.

The work that will be done on the desks is also important. Some staff may need less desktop if solely focusing on data entry. Others may require additional desktop workspace for paperwork.

What about partitions between adjoining desks. Some may require higher desk screens for telephone privacy.

Consider cable management. Location of electrical sockets. Is there enough lighting. Will you require desk lamps.

A properly designed workspace will maximise productivity and improve communication. Decide on a layout that works for your business needs. You may prefer to have walkways round the perimeter walls and bench desking in the middle. Alternatively you may prefer desks faced against the walls and an open meeting area in the middle.

Some furniture collections offer coordinating meeting or conference tables. This may be an important factor in the range you choose.

choosing office furniture for an open plan workspaceIf you have any existing furniture that you plan to keep ensure you find a coordinating collection. Request colour finish samples from your office furniture supplier.

Perhaps you are planning on future expansion. Consider a furniture collection you can add to if necessary at a later date.

Once all these initial questions have been answered confirm a budget or maximum spend. This is important as it will guide you as to which product ranges to consider.

For further advice in choosing office furniture for an open plan workspace see Tips for Choosing Office Furniture. Alternatively call the team, they will be happy to advise and answer your questions.